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An all-girls soccer club based in Chicago.

Team TST was created as a response to girls in Chicago traveling to surrounding suburbs searching for a quality soccer experience. We believe that our level of our training is unrivaled in Chicago as is our attention to individual player development. Our focus is quality over quantity which is why we will always be a small, boutique club providing personalized attention to all of our players.

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Enhanced training

We believe our training environment is unmatched in Chicago. We ask our players to train at the highest level every week.


Individual development

Players receive frequent, formal feedback on their play to ensure that they can improve over the course of the season.


Strength training

As girls get older strength training becomes more important. In the summer and winter we focus heavily on getting stronger to prepare for the upcoming seasons.



The majority of our training takes place at the ComEd Rec center. Strength training is held in Ravenswood.

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