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AGES 7-12

Our training focuses largely on technical aspects of the game - passing and receiving, dribbling, shooting. We believe the most important thing is to master the ball. Our training takes place on different surfaces - grass, turf, hard courts - to make sure that players can adapt to playing in many different environments. In order to help players reach their full potential we developed a five-year curriculum with measurable milestones at the end of each year.

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Low Player to Coach Ratio

We maintain a low player:coach ratio to give players the individualized attention they need to be successful. Staying small allows us to build relationships with players and families to ensure the proper development of our players.

Age-Specific Curriculum

We will focus heavily on motor skills, dribbling, passing, body mechanics and agility. Our goal is to make sure that our players are technically sound and do not form bad habits. Our training is fun, engaging and fast paced.

Small Sided Games

Instead of playing in traditional 7v7 or 9v9 leagues we compete in six to eight 3v3 or 5v5 tournaments over the course of the year. These tournaments take place in Illinois and Indiana.


Our playing year is broken up into five, eight week sessions. We ask that players participate in at least four of the sessions. We encourage players to play other sports throughout the year as it helps with their overall development.

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